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Workout owner of brand, since 1996 has been operating in the footwear sector, boasting specific experience in the research, production and distribution of the product at an international level.

Our company, in addition to the proprietary brands, has established itself over the years in the production of various types of footwear, from the fashion to the comfort of countless famous brands, present in the best shops around the world, always paying attention to detail and materials used in addition to the various construction techniques, introducing new technologies for the well-being of the final consumer. Visit Workout Srl web site.

Always attentive and sensitive to sustainability issues, Workout produces all its footwear, exploiting new sources of green energy, such as that provided by solar panels. For this reason, we are proud to produce our shoes, in the largest GREEN factory in the sector, where every year, we reduce CO2 emissions, equivalent to 100 trees planted every day.

In this way, our shoes leave a green footprint on planet earth.


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